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Pedestal basins are of course, available, but why not think about making use of that space under the basin and again hiding the plumbing. There are clever cupboards that take up no more, or even less space, than the basin itself, or vanity units that can either be used on their own, or in a run of other furniture. Full depth units with a worktop that an inset basin sits completely in are still available, but, by far the most popular, because of the small size of the average British bathroom, are shallow depth units which take a semi-countertop basin. This sits partly in the unit and partly projecting and they are usually, but not always used in a run of other furniture. Full inset and semi-countertop basins sit into your choice of worktop and have to have a silicon seal which will need replacing at some point. An alternative is a ceramic vanitory basin which is a one piece basin and worktop, no silicone seals and no problem with water splashes, you just wipe them into the bowl. These are available in full depth and semi-countertop versions and some can be extended over the rest of a run of furniture. Another clever idea is a concealed overflow. This is only available on a few basins but it does away with the ugly difficult to clean overflow hole.

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