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A true power shower will have a separate twin pump, usually fitted in the airing cupboard, delivering approximately 3 Bar pressure. The shower head will have a combination of Needlejet (normal) plus Champagne (soft aerated) and/or Pulsating (massage) sprays and possibly Economy (water saving) or Monobloc (a concentrated version of Champagne) sprays. Power shower systems can feature fixed and flexible shower heads plus body jets or rain bars if required. Many low priced power shower packages include noisy pumps not powerful enough to make the shower functions work properly or poor quality shower valves and fittings. Lower pressure pumps can be used to boost the pressure of ordinary showers and Cabinet showers, which look like an electric shower but are gravity showers with an integrated low-voltage booster pump are available but these tend to be noisy, especially if fitted on a hollow wall. Our pumps are British made with a two year guarantee and because they are centrifugal are quiet and have a better volume to pressure ratio (giving less of a drop in pressure if two showers on the same pump are used at the same time).

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