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The shower enclosure is often the most undervalued part of a bathroom, although a lot of damage can be done by a poor quality one. The door will be opened and closed many times a day (not always gently), by several members of the family. This will put a great deal of strain on the pivots or hinges or runners, the corner joints and the wall fixings. Better enclosures feature thicker glass and aluminum, easy clean channels and concealed fixings. All enclosures have to feature toughened safety glass, but the difference between 4 or 6 or 8mm. thick glass will effect the stability in the long term and better quality aluminum polishes up better to give a finish that looks more like your chrome or gold taps. Treatments are available to keep your glass free from lime-scale, either applied by the manufacturer or for you to apply.

DESIGN TIP: The wide range of tray sizes available makes it unnecessary to fit a tray and then construct a tiled ledge around it which will always leak. Use the largest tray possible for a comfortable shower.

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